Apologies from Beaker

Ooops. Must remember not to let Beaker near the computer...

Ooops. Must remember not to let Beaker near the computer...

Dear Barnetians,

I must make a humble apology. Earlier today, that nice sweet Mr Lustig, took Beaker and I to a cold dark room in the Town Hall to see the Big Computer that runs all of the Council Papers.

And Gosh, what a glorious sight it is. The whole room is full of big tape reels on machines. 100 elves keep it running smoothly all day. A truly impressive sight.

Unfortunately Mr Lustig and I left Beaker in the room on his own for a few minutes, and alas, the rest is history. Beaker seemed to get a bit carried away and created a whole set of meetings for tonight.

We’ve locked Beaker in his white padded room (with Leo’s Plasma TV and electric foot massager) to keep him from harms way.

The elves will be working through the night to fix the computer.

Best wishes,

Dr Bunsen


Working with Barnet Council

Beaker and I have been given a wonderful opportunity. Following a very tiring interview and assessment procedure, where we beat off competition from others around the world, we have been made Special Experimental Change Consultants. We are tremendously honored that Chief Executive and Executive Directors have such faith in us to deliver our vision.

We have been working hard behind the scenes advising the Council’s directors on banking decisions, on speeding up their flat building programme and on race relations advice. You will all have seen the fruits of our labour.

Now that our appointment has been confirmed we will be able to involve ourselves more publicly in debate.